Frequently asked Questions

• What is the temperature of the water?
250 degrees Fahrenheit

• Is the pressure adjustable so that it is appropriate for a given surface?  Yes

• What are the maximum and minimum pressure settings?

2500 – 4500 psi

• What is the flow rate of the power-washer?  2.5 Gals/min

• Do you use high-pressure, heated water only, or are there chemicals involved?
​  We use the pressurized, heated water only.

• What if the high-pressure, heated water isn’t effective in removing my stains? 
This is a rare occurrence. Some stains can be stubborn, but with concentrated cleaning with the power-washer, must stains can be eliminated to the point of being barely noticeable.

• What surfaces can you power-wash?  Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Aluminum and Vinyl Siding, Wood Decking and Fencing, Composite Decking and Fencing. Have something else, call or email us!

• Will power-washing damage my concrete or asphalt? What about my sealant? What about my parking lot stripes?     Power-washing will not damage asphalt or concrete surfaces that are in good shape. Caution should be exercised when power-washing cracked, loose, or damaged surfaces. Typically, it is advisable to power-wash a surface prior to applying the sealant. It is advisable to wait an appropriate time to allow a fresh coat of sealant to allow it to cure. Properly cured sealant should not be affected by power-washing. If the parking lot stripes are to be retained after the power-washing process, Power-Washing Solutions will take extra caution (by reducing the pressure) to not wash away the stripes. However, if the parking lot is to be resealed and restriped, it is possible for Power-Washing Solutions to remove the stripes. Please advise your representative prior to the start of the job.

• What happen if my property is damaged during the power-washing procedure?  In the unlikely event that damage has occurred, the crew Supervisor will notify the owner/manager on duty. A remedy can be discussed at that time.  

• Are your crews fully insured, worker’s comp, liability?  Power-Washing Solutions is fully insured, both from a corporate standpoint (LLC) and in terms of all of our employees. A copy of Worker’s Compensation certificate is available upon request.

• Are there any circumstance that would incur ‘overage’ charges?     This is extremely rare. Typically, any potential problem areas are addressed in the standard price quote. The possibility of additional charges will be addressed individually at that time. We are not in the habit of surprising our customers with additional, or ‘hidden’ charges.

• What if the job is not completed, or completed satisfactorily?  In the unlikely event that a job is left uncompleted, or at an unsatisfactory level, the customer is directed to first address the issue with the crew Supervisor. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the customer is asked to call and speak with either of the owners, Sherry and Erik McDowell.